Big Changes — Chapter 9

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Tony watched the stars stream by as Atlantis flew through space dazzled by the fact he was in space. He was standing on a balcony off the NCO’s preferred dining facility as he alternated eating at the four on the city. He liked being visible to the enlisted and civilians hoping that the familiarity of seeing him in the common areas would make him more approachable if they should need him. He encouraged both Ray and Benton to do the same although they generally ate together. He heard someone clear their throat and turned to see Sergeant Major Scrivens standing in the doorway in civvies.

“Alec,” Tony smiled, “looking good in those jeans.”

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Not on AO3

I was reading a fic and the author asked for comments after each chapter. I’m trying not to judge but, damn, did it spike my anxiety. Found myself crying when I realized that the reason I was posting ‘Big Changes’ was because I was terrified of the response. I managed a post on Facebook about it.

Ladyholder suggested the Wild Hare Project and it’s a great site but they’re not accepting new authors right now.

Keira suggested I use WordPress with the comments turned off. You know what, that idea was way less anxiety inducing then AO3.

So here it is ..