Bedtime Stories

Title: Bedtime Stories
Author: Geep 10
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Rating: General
Warnings: discussion of major character deaths (Pike and Chekov)
Word Count: 1,310
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Jim knocked on the door of the caretaker’s house. He hadn’t visited the cabin he inherited from Pike since his death but he had informed the caretaker he was coming. The door swung open and Jim looked down at the older woman in a wheelchair.

“Captain Kirk, please come in.”

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Big Changes — Chapter 10

Ray shared a smile with Benton as they watched Tony dance around his kitchen singing along with whatever Italian song was playing. The three men had fallen into the routine of having dinner together once a month. Ray would have preferred more often as Tony was an excellent cook but the duties the three men had were often overwhelming. They had found socializing, and trying to not talk about the job, spawned some great ideas. Continue reading “Big Changes — Chapter 10”

Big Changes — Chapter 9

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Tony watched the stars stream by as Atlantis flew through space dazzled by the fact he was in space. He was standing on a balcony off the NCO’s preferred dining facility as he alternated eating at the four on the city. He liked being visible to the enlisted and civilians hoping that the familiarity of seeing him in the common areas would make him more approachable if they should need him. He encouraged both Ray and Benton to do the same although they generally ate together. He heard someone clear their throat and turned to see Sergeant Major Scrivens standing in the doorway in civvies.

“Alec,” Tony smiled, “looking good in those jeans.”

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Big Changes — Chapter 7

Tony was trying to be patient. This week’s senior staff meeting was longer than usual which was to be expected since a launch date had been set. They were 16 days out from Atlantis taking to the sky to head back to the Pegasus Galaxy. Almost everyone agreed that the best way to keep the Wraith from finding Earth was to send her back to gather intel and destroy as many as possible. Tony was antsy because he was going to drop a bomb after the meeting was finished. He had waited until today because General O’Neill was on the City. This meant Tony could brief him without alerting anyone there was something big happening and Tony was convinced whatever was happening was big.

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Big Changes — Chapter 6

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Tony sighed there were more of the emails from Atlantis. Three weeks after receiving the first set, he was still no closer to understanding what they were and why she was sending them to him. At least, Benton and Ray were due back on duty today. Tony had spent the last three weeks organizing the ASF and reviewing the files on crimes that had happened on the City when it was in Pegasus. He also had to investigate some small complaints, like who was helping themselves to other’s snacks in the communal kitchen in Sumner Tower. What a mess that was, but Tony had had a discussion with a with a group of enlisted and the snack thefts had stopped. He was pretty sure he knew who was the culprit but if it didn’t start again, he would let it go. The door to the bullpen opened and admitted Benton and Ray in their SGC issued uniforms.

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Big Changes — Chapter 4

Gibbs noticed a rental car in his driveway and smiled. Tony had made good on his promise to come by for his 4-day furlough. He opened the door and was greeted by a tall handsome man pointing a gun at him. He raised an eyebrow as the obviously military man lowered the gun, “Gunny, the Director is in the kitchen.”

Gibbs nodded and walked through to where Tony was assembling dinner, “Hey, Gibbs meet Staff Sergeant Morris, he’s my security detail. Mike, meet Gibbs. Don’t call him sir.” Continue reading “Big Changes — Chapter 4”

Big Changes — Chapter 3

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Gibbs took the Caf-Pow into Abby’s lab for their early morning meeting. He had Tony text her to meet him at 0830. He hoped the Caf-Pow and Tony’s letter would placate her after he told her Tony was gone. He and Tony had had a good time talking before Tony left and the grief Gibbs felt wasn’t all about losing his SFA. He was also about realizing that he had lost a friend sometime when he was in Mexico and now he might not get the chance to re-build that friendship. Gibbs shook his head. He needed to let the maudlin thoughts go before talking to Abby. Continue reading “Big Changes — Chapter 3”